Toninho Almeida - Desligado

A long introspection to try and translate today’s world. This time, the artist gives himself up to us, with voice and guitar alone, to offer us calm, in a purified and travelled musical style. The album Desligado takes us away from everyday life to the sound of Bossa Nova. Alone with his voice and guitar, he navigates between words and dissonance. Neither against nor for, he takes a detour, a third way, another path.

1 musician + 1 sound technician – Duration: 1h30

Douglas Marcolino - Duo Marcolinando or Trio

He, an accordionist born in the Brazilian state of Pernambuco, and she, a singer and percussionist, both come from musical families and were introduced to music by their respective fathers. Marcolinando invites you to discover Brazilian guinguette, the lively music of Northeastern Brazil, flavored with a light jazzy swing.

Douglas Marcolino Trio is all about interweaving. The meeting of Forro, jazz and the history of each. Over the past fifteen years, Douglas, Christophe and Boris have crossed paths on stage and on recordings. They got to know and appreciate each other. From there came the desire to create their story, their music. We settle down, share again, and decide on a common but unconventional path. Something authentic. Their passion for jazz and Brazilian music, more specifically, the music of the Nordeste. The flight, melody and lightness of Forro, mixed with the spontaneity and freshness of jazz. Being in the moment.

2-3 musicians + 1 sound technician – Duration: 1h30

Roberto De Oliveira - Samba Quartet

Multi-instrumentalist composer Roberto de Oliveira’s new intercultural project is rooted in Brazilian instrumental music (samba, choro, bossa nova), combining the popular with the learned in a contiguous enthusiasm. It’s also the meeting of a Brazilian turned Ch’ti and three other musicians, Ch’tis in love with Brazilian music, and a vibrant homage to Brazilian masters Raul de Souza, Moacir Santos and Paulo Moura, with a jazzy twist.

4 musicians + 1 sound technician – Duration: 1h30

Duo Panorama Brasil

This musical journey is conceived as a veritable tour of Brazilian music. From north to south, you’ll discover the sounds of the forro and frevo of Recife and Fortaleza, then the samba reggae of Bahia further south and the Afro rhythms of capoeira and maculelê, before arriving in Rio and finishing on a high note with the samba carioca, not forgetting the bossa. This show is all-purpose: small or large spaces, with or without sound, and for all audiences. It can be organized in two ways: as a concert, or as an educational session on Brazilian music and instruments. It’s a mix of presentations, instrument handling and songs played by the band. When the occasion calls for it, the two musicians can be accompanied by a dancer.

2 musicians + 1 sound technician – Duration: 1h30

Young Audiences - Latin Kid Ball

This early childhood ball revisits the best-known French and Latin American nursery rhymes, such as La Famille tortue, Le Fermier fait Dodo, La Souris verte, Un Elefante, la Cucaracha, Samba lêlé… Transformed into Brazilian-style ballads! Through rounds and rhymes, young and old are introduced to dance by a human-sized puppet and his partner in lively styles such as samba, salsa and forro. The rest is history, and you’re all invited to the dance floor!

2 musicians + 1 musician/dancer + 1 sound technician – Duration: 1:30 hrs.

possibility of workshops

Bal latin kid Artistes La Scènes

Young Audiences - Terra Curumim

Terra Curumim is a show created from the desire to cultivate the joy of free play in the four corners of the world. How can we share with children a repertoire of Brazilian music and games? How can we make this sharing possible in all languages, without communication barriers? So we created a story about a child, a curumim, looking for his place. The “oca-house” of yesteryear no longer exists. It has been destroyed, transformed, like many things around him… but it’s in the exchange with other children, in the free expression of his playful nature, that our little curumim reminds us that this earth that nourishes us is a rich land to inhabit. Sharing the same house, the same space, and recognizing ourselves as part of it. Each of us invests our best seeds in our territories of creation, play and care for our Curumim Earth!

1 musician + 1 actress – Duration: 40 min + possibility of discussion/workshop