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In the land of celebration, Brazilians sweat to the rhythm of the music, sway their hips and defy the laws of gravity with capoeira. The Batucada Afro Brasil plunges you into the heart of Brazilian effervescence in a whirlwind of popular music and dance from the Northeast. During the performance, the artists even invite you to join in the movement. Take the plunge!

5 musicians + 2 dancers + 2 capoeirists – Duration: 1h30

Brazilian percussion animation

This street show features a concentration of Brazilian percussion instruments, from big surdos to beat the rhythm, snare drums and repique for rhythmic accents, and ganzas, bells and tambourims for more variation. The musicians plunge you into a festive atmosphere to the rhythm of percussion… not forgetting the singing. 5 musicians – Duration: 1h30

5 musicians + 2 dancers + 2 capoeirists – Duration: 1h30

Animation Dance

Brazilian culture wouldn’t be what it is without a healthy dose of dance! Inspired by indigenous, African and European cultures, the richness of Brazilian dance is a reflection of this melting pot. Depending on the occasion, teams of dancers can perform on stage, outdoors, on the move or in a fixed location, in the form of dance initiations or workshops.

From one dancer Duration: 3 passages of 5 minutes each

Capoeira animation

A martial art known and recognized beyond Brazil’s borders, this discipline has its roots in African culture. Capoeiristas play to the rhythms of percussion, chanting and hand-clapping. Audiences are often impressed and seduced by the prodigious figures, musicality and energy. These games of confrontation offer a gripping spectacle that’s all about sharing.

From 2 capoeirists Duration: 3 passages of 15 minutes each

Brasil Afro Funk Capoeira
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