Our place

La Barraca Zem

In 2009, our collective set up shop at Barraca Zem, a small neighborhood theater located between the Centre and Wazemmes. From the outset, our wish was to play an active role in the neighborhood and strengthen ties between neighbors. That’s how we came up with the Young Audience program for each season, as well as neighboring get-togethers and parent-child events.

A crossroads of world cultures

Barraca Zem’s mission is to promote cultural diversity through the arts. More than just a multicultural patchwork, it’s about creating genuine interactivity between a multiplicity of audiences and companies. Richness is found in exchange and diversity, so we want to encourage and make possible the opening up of each person’s culture to the encounter of others. A venue with different spaces To make the most of the venue’s potential, we offer a range of spaces for performances, training with our school, and welcoming local audiences for times of sharing.